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pitchfall app. [18 May 2017|12:54am]
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oo1. february 27th. [27 Feb 2017|12:53am]
Looks like our mystery folks with the fliers is at it again. You know, I had plans for tonight's show but I can't ignore something like this, now can I? The first one was minor note gossip, who really cares, but they sure have stated their thoughts. Now I'm no reporter, but I am in the business of opinions and fiery topics.

So, what do we make of these people and their claims? Consider this a survey, kiddos; what do you think about it? Full of shit, or might have some legitimacy to it? A hoax? Is the Ministry shooting themselves in the foot by taking the signs down without a statement refuting them? Is their name pretentious? I don't know, you tell me and maybe I'll give you a shout-out.

Tune into tonight's Late Night Poison and let's chat about these "Order of Truth" folks. Or don't, if that's not your style. Next week we'll talk about music, Quidditch, and how the real estate market in Diagon Alley fucks over anyone under 35. You know, real interesting shit.

february bingo. [31 Jan 2017|09:35pm]
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[03 Jan 2017|01:44am]
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ooc contact post/timeline. resurgence. [03 Jan 2017|01:43am]

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